kinda weird that u can think about someone as much as u want and they have no idea

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dear attractive people,

how do you do that

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its not safe to wear a yes badge in Glasgow tonight, someone has been stabbed and there are literal fascists flooding our streets. the English defence league and orange order are in George square giving nazi salutes and burning Scottish flags. this is what it’s come to a day after the vote, a day after a no vote happening. stay safe all of you.

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for american horror story fans, I went to the house they film at in season 3. And It’s beautiful.


My yes voting neighbours car has just been smashed by a squad of 12 no voters. It’s suspected they’ve smashed about 4 more on the way. My uncle almost got attacked for trying to chase them off. I’m in Livingston and the police are not coming
This is not Glasgow this is 35 miles away
Please everyone in Scotland brace yourselves and hide all yes stickers

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